ROBERTS DNA Research Project

A cousin and I are trying to identify the parents of our great grandfather, John Henry ROBERTS (1867-1928). See the link to him below to see what I have on this so far.

We have a theory that John Henry was the son of an Elijah Josiah and Luticia Frances (Higginbotham) ROBERTS of Cherokee Co., TX (where we know John Henry was born), and, while we have some circumstantial evidence that this may be the case, we have no absolute proof. The evidence is discussed on John Henry's page at .

(For research guidance, I have included in the present database information on several generations of the ancestors of both Elijah Josiah ROBERTS and Luticia Frances HIGGINBOTHAM. However, this inclusion does not at this point indicate my unconditional acceptance of the fact that they were John Henry's parents.)

We have submitted DNA samples for analysis which are available on FTDNA, but have no known living "ROBERTS" surnamed male descendant of John Henry to have tested. The tests and relationships we have so far are in the following chart.

Hypothetical ancestors of John Henry ROBERTS if he is truly a son of Elija Josiah and Luticia Frances (Higginbotham) ROBERTS (Click on Tumbnail to enlarge)
Descendants of John Henry ROBERTS (Click on Tumbnail to enlarge)
ROBERTS DNA Research Project (Click on Tumbnail to enlarge)