This website contains the ancestors of my daughter, Alexandra Catlin Vaut, and related families.  It represents nearly 60 years of research, but still contains errors, omissions and unsupported information. My principal purpose in posting this family tree is to provide some research guidance to others with an interest in some of the people I have identified. As the product of many decades of collecting information, my research reflects considerable change (improvement) over time to better document facts and assumptions and to cite reputable sources. In more recent work, I have been particularly diligent. In my older research I often did a very poor job of documentation and sometimes accepted bad information without any substantiation. I now try to consistently note where I have made speculative assumptions about various relationships and facts, but I know that I have still not been entirely consistent in this, so don't trust unsubstantiated information. I continue working on this genealogy and make regular changes to the data and additions to the tree. 

If you see anything wrong or questionable in my data, PLEASE contact me and let me know about it - particularly if you have and are willing to share evidence to supplement, correct, contradict or disprove what I have written here. I am happy to share my work with those who are serious about their own research and am always willing to correct my errors.

I am continually adding to and revising my data. I keep up a log of the more significant updates in my research and to this database. The most recent update is:

24 October 2020: I have a couple of major updates to my database:

  1. First of all, after new research, I have severed another connection to a commonly, but mistakenly believed major lineage back to European nobility (through English noble families). I am in the ongoing process of critically re-examining the pre-immigration ancestries I have for all of my Gateway Ancestors (see my update not for 7 Octoboer 2020). I have now discovered convincing evidence that the Virginia immigrant, Col. Richard Henry Lee (c1618-1664) does not have a proven descent from the Lee family of Coton Hall, Shropshire. Many earlier 20th century writers were in error on this. My evidence is spelled out on Richard’s webpage. This is re-examination of Gateway Ancestors’ lineages is an ongoing research project for me.
  2. Thanks to the help of Rachel Potter (author of the Parker Wood Family Tree on and a distant cousin), I have expanded and reorganized my information regarding Malvina Banks (Hudson) (Jennings) (Parker) Clevenger, her three marriages and her children. Thanks, Rachel!

Other recent updates are available at the Update Log. Earlier pdates are at:   2016   2017    2018    2019

My book Such Lives As These is available for download without charge at more information on what the book contains click on Such Lives As These at the top of this page.) I had contemplated further research on the five families covered in Such Lives As These, which would have focused on the Revolutionary War service of men of the five families. I have abandoned that goal for the present.


Beware of information that is supported only by references to Ancestry Family Trees and that is not confirmed with other evidence. I sometimes include such information to guide my own research, but you shouldn't trust the sources unless you can confirm them and their sources yourself.

Please cite all sources of information, including this website.

Recommended citation:  Vaut, Gregory, Ancestors of Alexandra Catlin Vaut, : accessed (insert date), (insert name or item of interest).

[Based on Mills, Elizabeth Shown, Evidence Explained. 3rd edition. Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Company, 2015, p. 657.]