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August 27 , 2018:  I have started working on the family of Andrew and Catherine (STURT AIKEN) ALEXANDER, who immigrated from Ireland ca 1740 and settled in Augusta Co., VA.

23 June 2018: Recent additions to my family tree include developments in my CROW and HUMPHREY/HUMPHREYS/HUMPHRIES/HUMPHRY family lines. I have found contemporary records of multiple spellings of the various HUMPHREYS family names (with and without the “s”), demonstrating that, as with many (if not most) U. S. family names, the finally agreed spellings probably didn’t become standardized until the second half of the 19th century. In several cases, I have hypothesized parents for individuals, based on circumstantial evidence, but without absolute proof. These include Sarah Rawley HUMPHREYS (1798-aft 1844) and Elizabeth GRAY (c1827 – unk). In these cases, I have tried to lay out a clear presentation of the evidence that I have so far found to support my hypothesis. As always, I am eager to hear from those who agree or disagree with my hypotheses and/or provide alternative evidence.

28 May 2018:  Thanks to leads from DNA matches that were recently made on, I have now been able to confirm two separate lines of descent from Joshua and Elizabeth (RUSH) HUDSON, through two of their grandsons. One descent is on my mother's side and the other is on my father's side (making my parents 6th counsins!). This is the second time (in a decade) that DNA analysis has helped me confirm a genealogy link. (The first was identifying the parents of my mother's grandfather, John Henry ROBERTS, as discussed in my April 6, 2018 update.) With the HUDSON line, mine and my mother's DNA samples both matched six others with common descents from Joshua and Elizabeth. Through their work, I was able to nail down the missing details of my two HUDSON family lines and to find that they connected in the early 1700's. (Generations 1, 2, 9 and 10, which are underlined, appear in both descents.)

I. Descent #1 (Maternal)
I.1. Joshua HUDSON Sr. (c1650-aft 1740) m Elizabeth RUSH (aft 1661-1707)
      |-> I.2. Rush HUDSON Sr. (aft 1678-bef 1735) m2 Sarah ROSSER/ROZIER (1690-1761)
            |-> I.3. David HUDSON Sr. (1727-1811) m Keziah PLUNKETT (1735-1807)
                 |-> I.4. James HUDSON (1733-1820) m Sarah GENTRY (aft 1755-1827)
                       |-> I.5. David HUDSON (bef 1800-c1835) m Ann CASSWELL? (1799-1881)
                             |-> I.6. Susan Elvira HUDSON (1829-1909) m Thomas P. PRATT (1829-1907)
                                   |-> I.7. Alexis Briscoe PRATT (1858-1932) m Mary Elizabeth MCGINNIS (1858-1939)
                                         |-> I.8. Robert Delaney PRATT (1889-1970) m Myrtle Lee ROBERTS (1890-1987)
                                               |-> I.9. Lois Lorene PRATT (1919-living) m Bert A VAUT Jr. (1916-1997)
                                                     |-> I.10. Gregory Alan VAUT (1948-living) m Ellen Downing MEEK (1948-living)
2. Descent #2 (Paternal) 
II.1. Joshua HUDSON Sr. (c1650-aft 1740) m Elizabeth RUSH (aft 1661-1707)
      |->II.2. Rush HUDSON Sr. (aft 1678-bef 1735) m2 Sarah ROSSER/ROZIER (1690-1761)
            |-> II.3.  Joshua HUDSON Sr. (c1730-1799) m Mary TERRELL (1728-bef 1799)
                 |-> II.4.  Joshua HUDSON Jr. (c1764-bef 1793) m1 Elizabeth BANKS (1766-bef 1799)
                       |-> II.5. Horatio HUDSON (1790-bef 1840) m Margaret BANKS (1790-1871)
                             |-> II.6. Melvina Banks HUDSON (c1816-c1860) m3 Enos CLEVENGER (1816-aft 1880)
                                   |-> II.7.  Carrie Belle CLEVENGER (1857-1924) m Andrew Jackson VAUT (1852-1926)
                                         |-> II.8.  Bert A Vaut Sr. (188-1957) m Martha Elizabeth HART (1890-1963)
                                               |-> II.9. Lois Lorene PRATT (1919-living) m Bert A VAUT Jr. (1916-1997)
                                                     |-> II.10. Gregory Alan VAUT (1948-living) m Ellen Downing MEEK (1948-living)

6 April 2018:  Several years ago, I made a breakthrough in finding the parents of my maternal great grandfatehr, John Henry Roberts. While I had narrowed the search significantly through research, it was DNA that finally confirmed that the ROBERTS family line that I thought most likely his, was in fact the correct family. Lately, I have returned to my work on that ROBERTS line and added a number of additional lines back from it to early colonial times, including at least one new Gateway Ancestor (Elizabeth BUTLER/BOTELER CLAIBOURNE) with royal ancestry.

19 February 2018:  I have expanded my work on the MURPHY and TODD lines and added a number of individuals in these families. So far, I have found no link between my TODD family line and the family line of Mary (ODD) LINCOLN, the wife of President. Abraham Lincoln. Her TODD family seems to have descended from Irish roots. My own TODD family seems to have been of English origin.

6 February 2018:  I have more or less completed the update of the descendants of John Paul VOGT/Vaught, though some loose ends remain. Lately, I have been working on the MCCOY family line and have corrected some errors I had made earlier in mis-attributed children, census records, etc. This family Was heavily settled in Arkansas in the 1900's.

15 January 2018:  Over the past several months, I have added hundreds of members of the VAUGHT family line - descendants of John Paul VOGT/VAUGHT. Most of these lived in the 18th and 19th centuries, descending from the three sons of John Paul in VA and migrating on to TN, KY, AL, MS, GA, MO, OK, and TX. I have able to expand the work of Helen Spurlin and Mickey Martin and the Vaught Family Lineage research group (published in the early 1990's) principally by adding material from federal censuses and marriage information.

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